Scientific Program

Our Scientific Committee is finalising the overall balance to the program, which will include plenary Sessions from current leaders in our field, the IFES J.H. Block Memorial Lecture, the Müller Outstanding Young Scientist Award presentations, invited lectures and contributed talks. Significantly, the conference includes a number of workshops on topical areas in our field. A poster session will operate throughout the meeting and a special forum on the ATOM project will be held. To set the scene, a pre-symposium ‘School’ is planned and delegates will have the opportunity to hear experts in the field provide detailed introductions to high-field nanoscience and atom probe, with a view to identifying where the challenges in these fields currently seem to lie.

Delegates are encouraged to share fully in the international community of expertise that has come together for IFES 2010. To help facilitate this, all contributed presentations will present their work within 15 minutes, including an allowance for time for a brief question or two. A high priority has been given to the programming of workshops and discussion time. At the conclusion of formal presentations in the workshop sessions, a panel will convene at the front of the room and, together with the session chairperson, facilitate a discussion about the state-of-the-art. Delegates are encouraged to raise key issues in the field and the opportunity to show 1–2 slides will be available – though you will need to provide advance notice to the session chair if you would like to do this.

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Open Discussion Guidelines

  1. Open discussion will give delegates an opportunity to exchange ideas about topics of interest pertaining to the theme of each workshop.
  2. Individuals speaking in the open discussion will be allowed to speak for no more than 5 minutes at a time.
  3. If you want to demonstrate your discussion point with presentation media, you can use up to a maximum of two PowerPoint slides.
  4. Slides are to be uploaded in the speaker preparation room prior to the beginning of the Session, as per the regular oral contributions.
  5. The provision of slides however does not necessarily guarantee speaking time, but depends on the flow of the discussion as managed by the Chair.
  6. There will be no thumb drives used during the open discussion.